Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I Wish I Could Say

There are so many things throughout the workday that I wish I could say. I don't say them not because they're mean and I know I shouldn't but because it's probably against the law to smart off to children in the public child care setting. But here are some scenarios from my week. What would you say?

Setting: We are passing out afternoon snack. It is granola bars. One child starts crying because there are no more "reds" only "greens."

My Wishful Response: "Only greens? Count to 10. Four kids in Africa just died because they not only didn't get a "red" or a "green" but haven't eaten anything of substance for the past month."

Setting: We are in gym. I see Child A pick a fight with Child B. Child B, in their frustrations, pinches Child A on the arm. Child A comes running to tell on them.

My Wishful Response: "Well Child A, you deserved it. And you're in time out for being a bully."

Setting: It is center play time. The timer rings and it's time to clean up our toys. The children start whining in protest, claiming they never got to play with "this toy" or "that toy."

My Wishful Response: "How many toys do you have at home? Yeah, that's what I thought. Clean up."

So think of things that you'd love to say at work but can't. Don't be depressed, but congratulate yourself. Your awesome ability to filter could very well be one of the reasons you are still employed!

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Andrea said...

oooh....this is good stuff. I wish I could do this on my blog, but I'm afraid it might get nasty (as in mean, not inappropriate)