Friday, May 14, 2010

More Gabby Pictures

Since quitting my job I've been able to spend oodles of time with the niece and it's be so wonderful! 18 months is a good age:

Some things I've discovered:
  • Watching Sesame Street will not help put her to sleep for nap time.
  • Watching Will & Grace (or Sport's Center apparently) seems to make her immensely sleepy!
  • She is not a fan of chickens//roosters
  • She is a fan of dogs//cats
  • Her biggest word is "gorilla" (No lie... she even picks it out of her pile of flashcards)
  • She LOVES being flipped upside down (thanks to her Uncle)
  • Food: making it into the mouth is optional
  • Words she can use in correct context that carry some foreboding: "Uh-oh" and "Diaper"
In short, Gabby is wonderful. In fact, maybe someday I'll have an 18-month-old of my own. But let's not get crazy.

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