Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There's Movies, and Then There's Movies

Movies I Want to See:
  • It's Complicated (because ever since discovering 30 Rock Alec Baldwin has been making a comeback in my book//because Meryl Streep is delightful//because John Krasinski makes me smile)
  • Death at a Funeral (even though this is a re-make, folks, based off this hilarious British comedy)
  • Date Night (ok so I've actually already seen this one but I had to put it on here because it was sooooooo funny! Go see it!)
  • Babies (because my friend Andrea said it was good and because I like babies)
  • Mother and Child (because it's not a question of if we will adopt but when)
  • Avatar (I had to put that small because Dusty and I might be the only people in America--or the world?--who have not seen it)
Movie(s) I Have No Desire To See:
  • Iron Man 2

1 comment:

Devon said...

You have me convinced - all of the above. I'm one of the few who has yet to see Avatar. Actually wouldn't mind Iron Man 2 either. :)