Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Up and Coming

Well! I'm over halfway through my summer classes (and subsequently have decided to never take classes this time of year ever again!) and I had this crazy thought when the first of July came:

We are closer to Christmas right now than we are farther away!

This is an incredibly random thought right?! But it made me so excited! Truth be told the second half of my 2010 year is going to be so much more fun than the first half.

Why, you ask? AH! Well I'm glad you asked!

In August I will be accompanying my mother to Ohio for a visit to the Aunt and Grandma:

After the trip up North I booked us a really nice hotel in Cincinnati and I'm going to take my mother on her maiden voyage to IKEA. I can hardly contain my excitement!

September and October will be a little up in the air: there's a certain concert I'd love, love, love to go to in Nashville (at the Ryman, my favorite venue!) but will we get to? I hope so! But refereeing season can be a little topsy turvy.

In November Dusty and I are going to the National Youth Worker's Convention in Nashville where he booked us a super sweet room for the week. So even if the conference sucks we can swim in the indoor pool right?

Also in November we'll be traveling back to my August destination for Thanksgiving. Black Friday in civilization! (Sorry E-town, you don't count.)

And, the cherry on top: In December my in-laws have just booked our cabin in Gatlinburg. Wanna see it. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! Notice that green little square to the left? Free pancake breakfast? Could this cabin get any better?! We will be there December 24-31. I've never spent Christmas day in a place that I haven't at some time or another actually lived so we'll see how that goes.

And that pretty much takes me up to 2011. 2011!

Did I mention I'll also be taking 15 hours of class with a combined grand total of 60 field hours? Just reading that sentence makes me tired.

Viva la 2010!

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