Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got My Hair Did

Today I went with my cousin and got a hair cut--just on a whim. It's still long; I went back and looked at old pictures of me with short hair and me-oh-my! I'm pretty sure the ages and stages of my hair could take on a life of its very own!

Exhibit A:

YIKES! That's short! And that's not even the shortest it's been in the past few years. Feast your eyes:

I mean hey now! I'm a pansy about a lot of things, but one thing I've never been afraid to do is experiment with my hair (hence the summer of 2006 when I spent three months with fire engine red "highlights." Ugh.)

So behold, my latest stage:

(Please excuse whatever random face I'm making in this photo. I'm just not photogenic!)

Verdict? Love. It!


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Anonymous said...

It looks really great! I wish my hair would do things like that! -Emily Stivers