Monday, April 4, 2011

Today I Am...


sitting on my bed, not in it.

listening to the storm drone on and on and on and...

editing my sis-in-law's senior pictures.

thinking about the future, about what I thought was far a week ago may indeed be drawing near.

enjoying my new favorite music playing site, Grooveshark.

thanking the Lord for Dusty because he's not only an all around wonderful guy, but he does laundry, too!

making plans for our trip out West in May: water Zumba, Royals games, Charming Charlie, family, friends... it's shaping up to be a perfect time.

positively glowing from being able to sit in with a new friend during her ultrasound--what a great way to kick off my week!

thinking about what to wear to Cincinnati this weekend for our Welcome Tour of Spring.

semi-stressing about our youth group's D-Now happening next weekend-- how did that sneak up so quickly?

Not bad for a Monday, huh?

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