Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Monumental Moment

I hold in my hands my last ever paper to write for my college career.

I remember so many years ago when I was assigned my first five page paper, as a freshman I believe it was. That's the most I had ever written.

As the years went on, my paper lengths increased from 8 to 10 to... 15! (Thank you so much Dr. Whitlock! I can't even remember what I wrote on.)

I'd like to give credit to three of the main men that got me through so very many excruciating hours sitting at the computer, willing my brain to just b.s. a little more... a little more... a little more...

If it weren't for you urging me to Try! (try!), not Wait Until Tomorrow, and realize that Something's Missing I would not be where I am today.

Good night Campbellsville! We love you!


Andi said...

At the risk of sounding completely out of touch, who are those people?

Mighty Mouse said...

Emily, I think I am coming to your wedding! :D Can't wait.

satomblablabla said...

Hello...I stumbled upon your blog. I like your style. AMEN to your comment about college papers that serve no purpose for our life outside of the classroom! Keep the blogging up.. I will visit often.