Friday, April 18, 2008

Old School

It seems hard to remember a time in life that Dusty was not around. Silly, I know. However it seems like we've been together so much longer than we have. That's why I find it amusing that I have pictures of us together from almost exactly a year ago and what were we doing? Scoping out wedding venues! We didn't even get engaged until 5 months and an overseas trip later!

But what's really funny about this picture is how Dusty looked a year ago! Feast your eyes on this:

There are two things that I love about this shot (besides the fact that we were being uber cheesy at that moment.) One is he's still rockin' the eyebrown stud. Two is his hair! It just got progressively longer through the summer, but I guarantee he'd never go back to it now.

What about ya'll? Has your style/look changed much in the past year? For me, my one big thing is that my nose stud is gone, gone, gone. And I miss it terribly. (Andrea, I'll repierce if you will!)

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