Saturday, January 16, 2010

24 Comes For Everyone

Last week it was her birthday, now for her hubby!

What can I say about Garrett Gilkey?

He does not like to be sweaty but he'll still help a friend move out of her house in the middle of August.

Yea though some have said he plays a girl guitar (I honestly don't really remember where that came from...) he's rad musician!

It's always questionable when stepping into the Punisher whether or not Garrett has enough gas to get your to your destination.

So here's to Garrett (pictured here with his lovely wife)! I'm glad you transferred from Murray to Campbellsville. I'm glad we got to make music together. I'm glad we've gone on adventures together. I'm glad you're friends with Dusty. And I'm glad you married one of my best friends.

Happy 24th year!

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