Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jesus and Lady Wisdom

Tonight we started back with our regular Sunday night routine. Dusty is essentially breaking John down chapter by chapter, verse by verse. It's going to be a great study because he is not using some pre-made lessons complete with a workbook and DVD.

We looked at the Prologue this evening, John 1:1-18. He drew a comparison between Jesus bringing revelation to the world and the Lady Wisdom personification of Psalm 8-9. Asking teenagers to think abstractly is a pretty scary game plan, but Dusty took it a step farther. Not only did he ask them to read both sections and draw comparisons between the two, but since the Prologue and Proverbs 8-9 are very poetic he thought it would be great fun to then ask them to team up and write a haiku about the similarities!

I was skeptical, but I must say I love what everyone came up with:


wisdom is Jesus
who existed from the start
creating with God

Jenny and Jesslyn:

Jesus and wisdom
are both precious and worthy
we can trust in both

Ethan's haiku which plays off "hating things of the world":

you must hate to love
the wise will seek and find Christ
come and eat my food

Lauren and Zack, who found the both Jesus and wisdom are "very old":

He is the most wise
He was here before the flies
He has no disguise

Emily and Mallory, along those same lines:

both are old and smart
they offer good things for life
follow in their ways

Emily and Mallory also decided that one just wasn't enough:

wisdom is good stuff
Jesus rocks like wisdom, yo
so be like them dawg

Marc and the Famous Will Gorgeous Campbell came up with this little gem:

Jesus and wisdom
are most righteous and holy
always existed

And here's mine:

wisdom and jesus
calling in streets and on earth
are after our hearts

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