Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Kingdom is Welcome in Haiti

I'm an unashamed NPR junkie. I listen to it on my way to work, on the way home from work... and even on the weekends. (Car Talk, anyone?)

Of course like every other news media organization, NPR is offering extensive (heartbreaking, tiring, gut-wrenching) coverage of the earthquake(s) in Haiti.

And there is a message coming from the devastated country that not even NPR can hide: the Kingdom of God is in Haiti, it's welcome in Haiti, and even now is advancing in Haiti!

Take a listen to these two short audio snippets I found on NPR's website, you won't be sorry:

This first one really got me around minute 2

This next one made me weep openly in my car, around minute 2:43, and I'm not a cry-er...


Charity said...

My heart's breaking! I'm already for praying for the opportunity to go help...but I'll wait for the Lord's timing. Thanks for sharing the hope that the Kingdom is falling on Haiti!

Andrea said...


I had bookmarked this to listen to at a later date when I could really take them in. Here I am, on Superbowl Sunday listening to these stories, as I wait anxiously for the funny superbowl commercials that are aired for millions upon millions of dollars while this man is paralyzed laying underneath a tree. My tears of sadness quickly turned to joy once I heard this man share of His relationship with Christ. Think we'll recognize him in heaven? I sure hope so.

Love you friend.