Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Shirt//I'm A Waitress

Well, I finished off my first homemade shirt last night! Ed, Laura, Aubri, Dusty, and Gabby were there to watch! I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture of the final, final product, plus my camera is dead but here is what I do have:

Now imagine that on the raw edge at the bottom there is a "flounce" the same color as the contrast on the top. Are you getting it now? Too cute!

This is a close-up of the main fabric, because I think it's super cute. I do, however, find myself in need of shoes to match this. *sigh*... guess I'll need to buy a new pair of flip-flops!

In other news, I am officially a waitress! I expect to gain insurmountable amounts of wisdom from this gig, and hopefully make some pretty good tips.

My mother has informed me that I need to buy comfortable shoes.

Dusty has told me that he thinks I will hate it at first, but has urged me to stick with it because after a while I'll really like it.

My dad has warned me about customers much like him, who order a water like this: "I want water, low ice, with lemon." (In other words high maintenance!)

So we shall see. Anyone else have any tips on what makes a good waitress?


Truax said...

I agree with Dusty, you are going to come home on the first day almost in tears, not wanting to go back. But after the first week you will love it, good luck.

Charity said...

It's Meade County...just act like you've known 'em your whole life, and you'll fit right in :) Go make lots of tips!

Ed said...

Smile and be friendly. Be attentive but not a pest. Watch for opportunities to do little things like refill water, extra napkins, replace fork dropped on the floor.

The regulars will know you are new, no one else needs to know that, so don't share that information. ("Please forgive me, I'm new")

Most customers are very similar to the children you used to have in daycare. Use the same charm you used there and you will be fine.

Laura said...

It's meade can easily get away with the occasional "sweetie" or "darlin" and they will think you are just the nicest waitress! Keep your good humor. Laugh when you get the urge to spit in someone's food or dump a tray of drinks on them! And when they stiff you, and some will no matter how good you are to them, just remember to bless and not curse them...