Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headed Back

After spending four wonderful days at home, it's yet again time to say goodbye.

Usually I'm ready to hop on the plane and head back to Kentucky. Tonight, I have other feelings.

Would it disturb you if I said I spent a portion of my time here seriously trying to figure out how Dusty could get the house packed up, rent a van, and move out here all while I try to nail down a job and a place for us to live?

Would you think I was crazy if I tell you I was tempted to apply at Sephora today because I saw they were hiring?

It's okay. You can think I'm crazy, because frankly I think I'm crazy.

Am I unhappy in Kentucky? No. But where we are isn't home. Perhaps it's because we've only been there a few months. Or maybe it's my fickle nature trying to take control.

C.ville is home. Kearney is home. And even though I have a "home" in Meade County... well, you get the gist.

Here's hoping I actually make it on the plane tomorrow.


Ed said...

I think part of the challenge is that going into it you know that Ekron is only temporary. You don't know where God may call you next, so it's hard to get comfortable calling Buck Grove home.

But really, isn't that a good thing. Should we get too comfortable? God has bigger plans for you and Dusty and honestly, I don't think those plans are in Kearny or Campbellsville. (I could be wrong, but I'm just saying) It's good to have places we can call "home", but in reality, it's all just temporary.

Gabby said...

But Auntie Em, you can't leave me! Not seeing you and Uncle Dusty all the time would break my little heart!!!