Thursday, April 23, 2009

From My Camera To Yours

I use my phone's camera to take pictures of funny, odd, or interesting things while I'm on the go. I have to say, I love doing it! I've accidentally and without meaning to let these pictures pile up over the last several months so I'm melding them all into one big post. Enjoy, and I'll try to do better next time.

This is a picture of Rudy's carrying case the day we introduced him to the second Snyder household where he would become a resident. I wish the pitiful yowling could translate on a still shot. Poor little guy.

This is the worst possible display I could have come up against in my ongoing book-buying hiatus:

This is what a broken hymnal rack looks like:

This was a recent perfect meal:

This is irony:

Welcome back to Kentucky, Emily! I snapped a pic of this fella yesterday on the way back from the airport. And yeah, he's sporting camouflage suspenders and a pink cut off T-shirt.

Here's a little social experiment I did yesterday with my newest (most favorite) accessory. Consensus: the youth loved it; several adults asked me if I was becoming a hippie. I think they were genuinely concerned.

P.S: I am not mad in this picture. :)

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