Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stuck Inside No More!

So today I get to hang out with that adorable niece of mine, Gabby.

You know, the one who saw the sweater I picked out for her this morning and exclaimed, "Oh, cute!"

The one who is obsessed with Tinkerbell.

The one who saw me write her name and proceeded to "write" mine next to it, pointing and saying, "Gabby. Emmy. Gabby. Emmy."

I digress.

Hanging out with Gabby on any given weekday involves watching Sesame Street, especially the half hour that Elmo's World is on. That and watching her "play" her recorder. Again, I digress.

I say all this to explain that I normally wouldn't even know that Jason Mraz ever sang on Sesame Street, let alone performed a perfect let's kick winter in the face song. And I realize by posting this on my blog I must automatically sacrifice my "coolness" card.

Luckily for me, I was forced to give that up years ago!

That's it! We're headed to the park.

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Andi said...

I almost posted this video too, but I got distracted... We watch it every day. Elmo also sings with Will i am- it's quite nice.