Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dill Pickles

I have this kid in my class. When he was younger, in the toddler class, he reminded me of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. In this blog, I'm going to call him "Pickles."

You have got to meet this kid! He's one of those boys... how can I explain? When he plays with Legos he doesn't just build an airplane. He builds a Megtron Plane with special web shooters. He even showed me where the button was that deployed said web shooters. And he used the word "deploy."

One day we had some spare time. It was too soon to start something, and we had just cleaned up our toys, so I started winging it. When one little girl asked me what I was doing, Pickles replied, "It's called improvising." As if every 4 year old should know this by now.

Today though, today was my favorite. Anyone recall the 1991 box office hit Hook? Well today I tell Pickles that we can, indeed, read some excerpts from his 3-Minute Read Aloud Winnie the Pooh Storybook. His response?

"Yeah! Bangerrang!"



Adam Truax said...

Is it sad that I watched Hook last week?

Emily said...

Emily! That is SO funny!! When I first read this post, I only saw the word "bangerrang" and thought, "Oh, this will be a good post!" Little did I know....

I hope you're having a good summer so far!