Monday, July 14, 2008

"You Are Waking Me Up"

Last week I took my first stab at trying to explain poverty to some of the kids in my class. I'm really at a loss on how to explain such a thing to three and four year olds. They're all smart kids, and very imaginative, but can they really grasp such a thing as world poverty?

So two of them were doing a puzzle with me, and I started talking about Mukti. They laughed at her name, not in a spiteful way, we're thinking child-like innocence here. I told them that Dusty and I were going to help her by sending her money to go to school and have food and clothes. They also thought that was funny and asked why her parents didn't do it.

I started to explain that her parents didn't have any money, not like their mommys and daddys. A brief glimpse of understanding and then, "My parents have money. They buy me candy somtimes. And toys. Do you have the edge piece for this puzzle?" Conversation closed.

Hopefully I will be able to plant some seeds, even in these very young minds. I think it will be more effective when I have a picture of Mukti to show them. Until then... pray.

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