Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's Mine Is Yours

I just had a manic married moment. I love books. Anyone who reads my blog can tell this. They're one of my passions, and I mean that in every nerdy sense of the word.

Imagine my chagrin when Dusty started hauling out his entire Star Wars collection and overtook 1.2 of my new bookcase's beautiful, empty, waiting-to-be-filled shelves. Conviniently this case also sits in the living room, in plain view of everyone.

Here's a broader view:

And of course the entire procedure was punctuated with commenatry from him such as, "Oh, didn't know I had two of those!" Followed about thirty seconds later with, "Hmm... I have two of those as well!" *looks at me, quite pleased.*

I pull out the paper bag and start breathing into it. Can tell this is not going to be pretty.

Next there's, "Oh! Oh no... where's the rest of my X-Wing Series? There's nine. I only have four!"

Breathe Emily, breathe.

For better or for worse right? :)

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