Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome To My World

There are days at work, at least at my work, where everything is hectic and chaotic but it's not necessarily bad. In fact, it's pretty humorous. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the day.

  • Return of the boolets: Remember that post? Today John/ Pickles was building a Transformer and showed me his creation. He says, "Do you know what this is for?" And points to an imaginary knob. "No," I reply. "...the boolets!"
  • I thought it was hot in our room. No one else did. I make an off hand comment to Ms. Barbara about how I must be having hot flashes. "Lisa" then exclaims, "Hot flashes! My grandma has those all the time!"
  • Colored Poo: Not many adults that I know talk about the color of their bowel movements. Kids, though, are another story. Lisa yells from the bathroom, "Ms. Emilyyyyyyy!" I run in and find electric green poo practically standing on her piece of toilet paper. And no, I didn't have an explination for this, much to her chagrin. The best part is when I got to talk to her mom about her child's green poo. So awkward.
  • Had a parent freaking out today and I, like a dedicated teacher, stayed an extra 45 minutes to talk it out. It turned out great, but I had a knot in my stomach all day just thinking about it.
  • "Sadie" confessed to me today that she has a "crutch" (crush, in case you didn't catch that) on Justy. (Dusty, in case you didn't catch that.) When I told her that Dusty plays soccer just like you, she proceeds to yell, "Dusty's gwoss!" (Gwoss= gross.)
  • "Sadie" was walking down the hall as our line leader, lifts her shirt and starts running her hands up and down her body dancing provocatively. It was like Shakira in a four year olds body. Creepy.
  • Pickles decides that he's going to sing about whiskey all day. It did not stop and I had to sit him in time out numerous times. I finally gave up when he brought a counter arguement: "But mommy listens to it!"

All in all, not a bad day and there was much more madness, but I'm going to let it fall by the wayside and spend time with my hubs.

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