Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Survived Mini-Cation 2008

I have alluded to the fact that Mini-Cation v. 1.1 was a complete bust. OK, granted we got to get out of Cville for the weekend, which in and of itself was becoming necessary. But for the most part, I'm beginning to wonder if d. and I are one of those couples who will never be able to take a good trip. Now that I've recuperated from it, though not emotionally or mentally so far, let's re-cap shall we?

Trivial Small Thing #1: Upon backing out of our apartment complex Dusty hits a pole, with my car. No dent, but it's the sound. The metal hitting metal sound.

Trivial Small Thing #2: Upon heading down Broadway, we realize that we've forgotten the King's Island tickets. I cannot say who was responsible for this.

Big, Shocking, Horrifying Moment #1: Upon eating Middle Eastern food and smoking some argeilah with a friend in Cinnci we are informed that our friend Jon was killed in a car accident. I'm not good at death. I don't like it. And I don't like that it took Jon. End of story.

Not quite as Big, but still Shocking Moment #2: Upon arriving to King's Island the next day, I find that I can't ride a single ride without instantly getting nautious and pukey. This never happens. After ride 3, I decide it's time to hit the road. No more KI for us.

Big, not Very Shocking, and Horrifying Moment #3: I say "not very shocking" because our weekend wouldn't be complete without one of these. I believe this can be summed up with a simple picture. Keep in mind, this happened Sunday morning while we were on our way back to get me to my daycare center's orientation for new parents.

How did I feel about this weekend?

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Laura said...

sounds like you need a redo for the weekend no fun and I am sorry about your friend. that's sad,