Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Scattered Blog

Mini-Cation v. 1.1 is over.

Can we have a re-do? More pictures to come. Right now my hair is in a towel and frankly, I don't want to get up to get my camera for a whole seven pictures that I took. Because it was that bizarre of a weekend.

I'm facing a harrowing week:
  • Working out with a friend at 6:30 every morning because we're tired of being fat fatties.
  • Getting stuff ready for the new class: laminating, Ellisons, lesson plans. The Works.
  • Monday: E-town because I don't want Dusty driving alone
  • Tuesday: Funeral for a friend in Louisville
  • Wednesday: Ministry Training/ Wine Night Returns! (Ok, this part isn't harrowing.)
  • Thursday: Rock Show
  • Friday: Rest. Maybe.

I was convinced once, really I was, that life after college would slow down. Well, it has in that I can read whatever I want without feeling guilty for the neglected textbooks on my floor. But I guess I never realized that college wasn't really life in the specific sense of the word meaning the real stuff. Because life is not staying up until 2 am playing with girls on your hall. It's crashing with your husband at 10:30 because you're both tired and sweaty from not turning down the air conditioning because you're poor and because electric is the only utility you have to pay.

That is life, my friends.

OH! Special thanks to Campbellsville Sonic for making my list of Campbellsville's Worst Customer Service. Thank you for assuming that because my friend in front of me ordered a Jr. Burger meal that I also wanted one, when I specifically said burger only. And thank you for hiring snotty high schoolers who respond when I tell them that my order is wrong, "Well... *chomps on gum* it's only $2 more."

$2 that would have been your tip darling.

out. to. bed.

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