Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Guest Blog

It wasn't long ago that I confessed my television guilty pleasure. In honor if it's season premiere next week, with an all new Bachelorette lookin' for love in all the wrong places, I've invited Dusty Snyder to guest blog about his most recent TV guilty pleasure. Enjoy!

Well I've been shamed into sharing this with you all. Yes I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to a certain television show and now that it's over I'm driven to confession. Before I confess which program I am referring to I have to say that I'm not exactly sure why I've followed through with watching it all season, but I'll try my best to explain. The show is none other than The Celebrity Apprentice.

Here are a few reasons I've come up with to explain myself
  • There were some crazy celebrities on the show this time around (Dennis Rodman, Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers, Tom Green, Jesse James, etc.)
  • It's fun to watch Donald Trump boss around celebrities
  • They've raised a bunch of money for charity
I thought it was really interesting to watch these celebrities try to meet the challenges of the show while seemingly completely forgetting about their public image. Joan Rivers, for example, completely lost it several times and went on a rampage calling other contestants some hateful things. Weirdly enough, at the same time I didn't lose a ton of respect for Joan.

The finale was Sunday night, but we hardly ever watch anything when it is actually aired. I went back and watched last night on Hulu. The finale came down to the ultimate rivalry on the show. Anne Duke, a famous poker player, played the game famously, raised a ton of money single-handedly and played everyone to the end. In the process she took down Melissa Rivers and incurred the wrath of the mother hen. Joan Rivers got by on her amazing stamina, charisma, and business smarts.

Personally I was hoping Jesse James would make it to the finale because I'm a fan of his from Monster Garage (whatever happened to that show?), but ultimately he ended up playing to close to the chest and didn't show enough soon enough to prove he was a real player.

Now with this rivalry I wasn't exactly sure who I was rooting for. Anne was a smart, smart player, but became extremely vindictive. Truly she held in her bitterness for too long and it got to her in the final challenge. Joan came off as crazy at times, but I felt like with her she was really trying to do the right thing. In the last challenge there were 5 criteria. Anne won 2 and Joan won 3. Donald Trump claimed to not have made up his mind until the final "live" boardroom on national television last night. In the end Joan Rivers overcame the wily Anne Duke and was declared the Celebrity Apprentice.

It was a crazy season with crazy drama (though not as much drama as Em's guilty pleasure, The Bachelor) and it was interesting to see these celebrities actually accomplish something. One of the more inspiring moments on the show was a challenge in which the celebrities were asked to record a new jingle for the tuna company Chicken of the Sea. Clint Black, a country music star, was assigned project manager for one team, while Anne Duke and Brandi Roderick were the only two contestants on the other team. Of course a musician should have the upper hand in a song writing contest over a poker player, but somehow Anne Duke found a song within her, impressed the executives and won the challenge over Clint Black (who had a good song, but the executives didn't like that it was done in the style of country music).

It's great to see those kind of achievements and to see someone like Joan Rivers, whose 76, run around with all kinds of energy and win the whole thing (The prize, btw was $250,000 for her charity God's Love We Deliver). Honestly I hope that I'm able to work that hard when I'm that old. I don't know what I'll be doing, but I want to be able to do everything I can to further the Kingdom of God while I'm still here before I die, because for us as Christians there is no retirement age.

And there you have it folks! And I must say, his post is a little more introspective than I could ever be about the Bachelor/Bachelorette!

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