Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What the What?

I've been debating on whether or not to blog about this, but after looking at my recent posts and noting the gross lack of substance in each one I figured why not?

I went to the doctor yesterday about some issues I've been having and he came to a conclusion that I never saw coming. He thinks my body is insulin resistant. I definitely had to look that up when I got home. Click here if you are interested.

Sounds scary huh?

Wouldn't it be nice to weigh what you did in high school? I take that back, even just a few years ago? That would mean I would look like this:

If my calculations are correct this was taken the summer of 2006. I could still fit into my favorite pair of Express jeans, Sarula. (Anyone, Sarula?) I could get used to that again!

I guess my tidbit of wisdom for the day is: You're never as fat as you thought you were. :)

So get off your butt and go walk or something!

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