Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Tarop of God

So I just finished Peace Child by Don Richardson. A good read. In the story Don bridged a cultural gap by showing the Sawi people of Indonesia that Jesus was a tarop or peace child. This originated with his realization of how the Sawi, a cannibalistic tribe, achieved peace with neighboring tribes: they exchanged children. The following quote is from one of the Sawi believers, Amhwi:

" 'Look here! God has placed the spirit of his Peace Child, Jesus, within me. If that peace child had died or gone away and left me, I might be free to do the evil you suggest. But He is not dead! Nor has He deserted me! He still lives within me to keep me in the way of goodness, and His hand is strong! I am not free to do the evil you advise.' "

What an appropriate reminder for believers in this country, in this time. Jesus didn't stay dead. He didn't desert us. We are not free to do evil. He lives within us and His hand is strong.

I also was reminded of Psalm 145:4. The Lord left a testimony of himself through the ancestral acts of the Sawi in giving a peace child. The whole story bears witness to God's mercy.

You should read this book.

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