Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have A Heart

I recently read about this on Boo Mama. Having a child sponsored through Compassion myself and through the Buck Grove youth group, I know it's a great organization and I have full faith and confidence in them and the work they're doing for the Kingdom.

That said, there is a child named Alexander who needs heart surgery and needs it soon.

The surgery costs $8,303 and his family lives on $13.70 a month.

Do the math.

You can read about his condition here and make your one-time contribution here.

Even if you don't regularly sponsor a child you can contribute to Alexander's surgery. Give $5 and don't go to McDonald's tomorrow, it's as simple as that.

If you find yourself making excuses right now, let me share with you a little testimony.

Dusty and I have a very, shall we say, lean budget but here's a truth the Lord taught me at the beginning of our marriage: you will never be poor enough to disqualify you from helping others.

So let's help get this kid well, ok?

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Andrea said...

saw this too. Sent a check glad I have a friend like you.