Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

  • Sometimes, I do stuff just for the sake of cohesion. For instance, I put money in to the Derby pot at work. Is this gambling? Yep. Did I win, no. Did I have something to talk to co-workers about, sure did. 
  • I have absolute days, where I am absolutely determined that my plans are concrete. Today was a concrete day, and I concretely believe that we will move back to Campbellsville. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  • I freaking love wearing big flowers in my hair lately. 
  • Dusty just said, "Sometimes, I can't contain the rebel inside me!"
  • Sam is showing us p90x moves. They don't look like p90x moves. One is called the dive bomber. It's duuuurty!
  • If I could choose anywhere to go on a weeknight next week, I would go to a Royals game. I want to experience the new stadium. 
  • I am surrounded this weekend by 4 great friends that I never see , and I really, truly, and honestly miss them. 
  • My friend Andrea is graduating next weekend and I'm excited to meet her family! And, also, to see her walk across that stage!
  • I'm done being a waitress now. Tonight was my last night. I'm just really happy.
The End.


Andrea said...

yay! 6 days away! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. We've been barely scraping by.

Gabby said...

I guess Campbellsville would be okay. It's not too far away, as long as you visit me often.

I hope you can come see my toofises soon. I've got two of them now.

Papa said he was going to ask if you are busy on Tuesday and/or Wednesday cause Grammie has to work and he needs to work too. I don't know what work is but it doesn't sound like fun. But if they have to go, at least I get to see you sometimes.

I'm glad you're not a waitress anymore. Maybe you could become a professional Aunt. I would recommend you highly.

Uncle Dusty makes me laugh. "Rebel inside him" he he he he he.

I watched the Derby with Grammie. We didn't gamble, but it was really fun to watch that horsie go from last to first. Papa said it was because the other horsies knew it was his birfday next week.

I guess I've commented a lot. Maybe I should have my own blog. tell Andrea congratulations (that's a big word) on graduation, it's super duper uper schmuper. (that's what Sid the Science Kid says)