Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last night's Zumba workout was interesting! It was me, my fabulous cousin Hannah, and our pastor's wife Barb. Watching us church girls "shake it and shimmy!" was a sight to behold I'm sure. Especially coupled with the fact that the rest of the class participants were older black ladies who had rhythm!

Question: Will I go back next week?

Answer: Yes, absolutely!

This is also my third week on Weight Watchers. I've lost 4.8 lbs. The first two weeks have been a breeze eating-wise. For some reason this week I "could eat the bark off a tree!" (quoted from Barb, see above).

It's not even that I'm stress eating or bored. I'm literally hungry, like stomach growling hungry.

Week three is not looking so pretty, folks, and neither am I:

Now don't you want to bake me a cake?

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