Monday, July 13, 2009

Car Tales

Dusty and Brother Dave are standing in my driveway right now. The hood to my car is up and they are just peering inside.

Why, might you ask? What could be so interesting under the hood?

Well, it's only your friendly, neighborhood family of MICE that has decided to take up residence in my engine!

It all started yesterday when Dusty and Matt the Cousin-in-Law were looking at it. Dusty found a black sock wadded up in front of the air filter. In the sock was a little pink writhing thing. Then out popped Momma Mouse! Matt and Dusty, I'm not afraid to say, jumped quite a bit!

They disposed of the sock and we went and bought a new battery today. Dusty was hoping with the nest gone, Momma Mouse would just pack up and move away.

We put the new battery in, and still the car wouldn't start. Dusty was on the phone with my dad, and needed to raise the hood, so I stepped over the help. And then promptly exploded in a scream as I saw that a nest was built on top of the engine and there were other writhing baby mice in it!!!

Currently, we don't know what is wrong with the car. I wouldn't be surprised to see that some very important wires have been chewed through.

I'll keep you updated, but know that this comes from a very disturbed Emily.

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Andrea said...

I'm shreaking like a jr high girl. Gross.