Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Stuff

My parents are cracking me up right now. I just got off the phone with my mom, which turned in to a 3-way conversation, with her in the middle relaying messages between my dad and myself.

It all started when I got a message in my inbox today entitled "Don & Jody's Vacation Itinerary."

You see, they're leaving next week for a whirlwind trip through Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas (where my mother swears she'll play the pennies), Arizona, and New Mexico.

Here's what the attachment was entitled:

Ah yes! Have I mentioned that every time my grandparents go out of town my grandma calls me to let me know where they're going, when they're leaving, and when they'll be back? Must be a mother-son kind of thing.

Either way, I hope they have a good time and that my mom wins big! And luckily, I'll be able to know what they're doing at every hour of every day they'll be gone.

Maybe I should print it off and hang it at my cubicle.

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