Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bathroom Cat

Last winter when we discovered that our lovely free home had a mouse problem, I was ready to pack up and leave in the middle of the night.

Instead, we got a cat. You may remember this post. He's not feral by any means I just like to claim it, in fact, he's quite the opposite (unlike Peeves who literally scowls at me when I go to my in-laws house!)

Rudy is an annoyance, but he can be oh-so endearing at the same time. So I think I shall keep him. That and I've been warned by the in-laws that he comes with a no return policy.

Recently he has discovered our bathroom. It started one morning when he was in a particularly bad mood about being left alone in the living room all night (In fact, I am greeted every morning by him staring at me from the couch and an indignant meow.) That morning he decided to follow me right into the bathroom to voice his complaint and thus began his obsession.

I've also been noting that our sink is getting little black smudges all in the bottom, but I couldn't figure out what from. Now I know:

I've also caught him in the bathtub, and about to get into the toilet (it was early, I forgot to put the lid down, cats are curious, do the math!)

Here's a little video I shot. Please excuse the purple collar. It was cheaper than the white one. :)

I know what you're thinking, "Emily, just keep the bathroom door shut!" Logical. But the door does this weird thing where you may think it's closed but it is not. (Awkward when we have guests over, we have to warn them to make really sure the door shuts!)

And also I think it's kind of funny. We'll see just how much mischief Rudy gets into in his bathroom adventures. I'm thinking about leaving the toilet lid open tonight, just to see...

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