Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rudy, My Feral Barn Cat

Throughout this whole mouse ordeal, Dusty and I have joked about this scene from our favorite TV show The Office. (Please excuse the quality of the recording, I randomly found it on youtube!)

Well, Dusty and I are about to get our very own feral barn cat!

Meet Rudy:

Rudy is one of Dusty's parent's cats. Notice in the picture how Rudy has an extra claw on his paw. He's got thumbs! All the better to get the mouses with! He's also got a very relaxed, chill demeanor. He's the epitome of a "cool cat!"

The story goes that a while back Dusty's parents booted all the cats out of the house and the cats have held a grudge ever since. I've always felt the hostility as I walked onto the porch, the cats' eyes boring holes into my heart. The want in!

While we were moving, one of them, Rocky I believe, got brave and made a mad dash inside. He was quickly shown his place in the world.

Rudy may not realize it yet but his world is about to drastically change. And so is mine. In all my 23 years I've never owned a cat, nor has my family. Anyone with constructive suggestions is welcome to comment!

Bring on the cat! The exchange is set for Tuesday. Aubri is being delegated the task of bathing poor Rudy. And I get to go buy kitty litter. Ah geeze.


Lindsay said...

he actually has 3 extra claws on each front foot.
and one extra on the back.

it's actually called polydactyly in medical terms, but it's a real breed of cat.
they're called polydactyls, of course.


a guy in vine grove breeds them. mom knows the rudy actually ran away and that's how we found him.

word verification: inershe, as in how those rednecks in meade county say inertia "in-er-sheh"

Ed said...

Okay, to set a couple things straight. Rudy really isn't a feral barn cat. I'm not sure if he's even ever seen a barn.

Bathing a cat is not an option, especially one with EXTRA claws.

Just remember, no givesy backsy, you take him, he's yours. :-)