Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bee Yourself

Today after church we walked up to the house and someone had left us another bag of goodies.

I'd like to take time here to give mad props to the wonderful folks at Buck Grove for making Dusty and me feel so welcome. Also, I may never need to buy paper towels again. Thank you!

Wanna know what was in one of the bags? Take a look:

This may mean nothing to you but let me elaborate. The Gerkins family of Buck Grove Baptist Church happen to be some of my closest neighbors. (And I can't even see their house from mine if that gives you any idea!) They seem to be very, very sweet and one of their daughters is in the youth group.

Ok now go back and read the label. That's right! They have a bee farm! It made my heart happy!

Cuz I L-U-V honey.


Laura said...

You got POUNDED...with Honey!!!

Charity said...

I'm sooo related to them too :) I'm glad they're taking care of you guys! Can't wait to come visit again.