Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Of Websites and Women

Dusty has the new and improved Buck Grove Youth website up. Click here to see his masterpiece, made on his Mac, of course.

This week we started doing Topics. We had the kids write down any question they had about life, love, and other mysteries and Dusty chooses one or two and we just debate it. Dig into it. Kind of fight about it. It's quite fun.

Next week we are discussing the role of women in ministry. I recently read a blog post on Burnside Writers that I found quite humorous about this topic. You can read it here.

I don't think we quite knew what a can of worms we were opening! Pretty much everyone had an opinion on it right from the get-go. It should be an interesting discussion. I'm just really glad that the group gets excited about this. I hope that these Topics will be something that will drive them to really look in the Word to see what the Lord's opinion on things are. I know I didn't do that enough in middle/high school.

In other news, we found Rudy! He was hiding under a chair, which has quickly become his favorite go-to spot. Usually it's only when someone rings the doorbell or opens the front screen door. Other than that he's very loving and likes to just chill with us on the couch. (And climb onto Dusty's computer while he's trying to read stuff, which I really enjoy!) I'm afraid he's shown no interest in hunting anything, other than a cozy spot on your lap. Good thing I bought some mouse traps today. (To put in places where Rudy can't reach, of course.)


Ed said...

I never said he would catch a mouse, but maybe just his awesome presence will convince the mice to find shelter elsewhere.

Andi said...

How many questions did you get about sex and/or/in the end times? We're studying Revelation in our small group, proving that grown ups can't get past the end times either...

steves said...

Here's a very good resource :

Actually is good all around.

Uncle Steve