Monday, March 23, 2009

The R. Adams Update

Well it's officially been a week since d. and I went to see Ryan Adams at the Palace. It was a great night, but we've been painting all day so frankly, I only have the energy to upload some pictures. Love me or leave me!

Coooold, cooold roses! This is how dark the stage was the whole time. Of course.

Here's a video just because I'm nice. This may have a hugely bad word in it. Sorry.

All in all the trip was pretty fun. It's always great to see friends from Campbellsville! They didn't play Carolina which was just really a bummer. And I'm also glad that we didn't pay full price for our room at the Galt House. Next time I'll try the Seelbach or the Brown.

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Ed said...

Was that Dusty screaming at the beginning of the video? (just kidding)