Thursday, March 5, 2009

How My Evening Was Ruined

Every time I say the word "ruined" or joke about how my evening has been "ruined" I think of this family guy clip:

But what happened last night was no laughing matter, and literally, my evening was ru-eened!

We... saw... the... MOUSE! It skittered through the living room, right out in the open and headed for the basement. The nerve!

And as all my friends and family have so lovingly pointed out, where there's one, there's sure to be more! That's exactly what I want to hear.

Now I've lived in places that have had to deal with mice before. Will anyone forget the infamous mouse/bird duos we got on Duffy Street? I think not. We shall prevail victorious! For now we've got the kitchen lined with traps. (And please spare me the whole, "traps are cruel, blah, blah, blah.") I'm thinking about getting a dog or maybe a cat. Ugh. I can't bring myself to get a cat. Dogs are good at catching mice too right? Please tell me they are...

Hopefully soon Dusty and someone from the church will be going around and sealing up all the entry points. I just need to be even more freakish about keeping the kitchen clean (didn't think that could happen but I'm finding out its possible!) and just wait it out.

Next time we move, we better be inside a major city limit. :)


Ed said...

You're right. Cities don't have may field mice.

Now sewer rats.... that's a different story.

Instead of a cat or a dog you could get a snake. Snakes eat mice, right?

Andrea said...

I like family guy when it is in clips like this.....I don't think I could do a whole show.

Sara said...

I should tell you about my first mouse experience shortly after I was married. I will spare you the details, but just watch your pasta!

Marla said...

Oh Emily! I am so sorry. I remember the birds/mice/CAVE CRICKETS! You'll be in my prayers!