Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is God Crazy?

If I were to strip down naked and run through the Elizabethtown Mall blowing a shofar and howling like a hyena how would you classify me?

I'd say I was crazy.

If the Lord were to radically change the plans that you had set in your own head, and perhaps send you thousands of miles (literal or figurative) in the opposite direction, how would you classify Him?

Surely not crazy, right?

Because how do we reconcile Howling Naked Woman with the Lord heaping holy anointing on your next stage of life.

So please, spare me from saying, "God does crazy things!" or "God is just crazy sometimes!"

Because the fact of the matter is, we are the crazy ones. What causes us to call God "crazy" or His actions "insane" when our lives are radically taken in a different direction from which they were going? It's when our box is too small, our ideology too precise, and our theology too rigid.

I'm talking to myself here, too. I am guilty of this.

I just got done reading Job. If you are in the midst of a season of life where you think God is doing "crazy" things (for good or for bad) read chapters 38-41.

I'm beginning to learn that things I think may be "crazy" are not. They're just plain not. Because crazy is rash, and evidently I serve a God that it meticulous about every beast of the earth and bird of the air, and every leviathan. Whatever that is.

And His plans are meticulous about me. (Not to be confused with a previous post, in which I questioned whether there was ONE CERTAIN THING we had to do with our lives.)

It's an everlasting reminder to us to keep our minds open to any possibility. That way, when the unthinkable comes, you can say, "Wait... already thought of that. And I'm ready."

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Ed said...

Can I just say, WOW?

I am with you all the way on this one.