Monday, January 12, 2009

Third Time's A Charm

Well everybody, I'm employed! Let's take a look at the places I applied to:

  • Chase Bank (big fat "no")
  • AT&T (even bigger, fatter "no")
  • Hancock Fabrics (but I don't sew)
  • Comfort Inn (front desk anyone?)
  • JC Penny's (no retail experience)
  • Super 8 (front desk again)
  • Hardin County Schools (looks like I can't be a sub)
  • Econo Lodge (front desk again)
And where have I ended up? Well it's not anywhere on that list!

This job not only gives me a source of income, but fulfills something that I've always wanted to happen: an on the spot hire!

The Lord is GOOD! I didn't even have to go through that terrible process of, "Will they call back? Should I call them? What should I do?" The director talked to me for a while, showed me around the center and I start tomorrow at 8 am.

The only minor hiccup is that I was so grateful to get a job, I didn't ask how much I'd get paid. Smooth move, Emily.

Here's to people makin' babies, because it's keeping me employed at the moment!


Emily said...


Ed said...

Sorry I teased you mercilessly on not asking how much they are paying you.

I'm sure it's more than fifty-cents an hour.

God is good. Now let's get that husband of yours employed or people will begin to think he's a "kept man". ;-)