Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 12 Hour Window

Because my life is boring and I have nothing neat to blog about I will let you in on a little conversation my Dusty and I had last night about Bed Times and Waking Times. You see, we were both oh-so tired yesterday and I was ready for bed around 8:00 in the PM.

"I feel bad about myself if I go to bed before 10 in the PM," said Dusty.

"Yes my love that is a good point," I yawned, " And I also feel and about myself for waking up after 10 in the AM."

"I see," said Dusty, "Yes, we are adults after all; there's no reason to go sleeping in past 10 in the AM. We've important matters to see to, and things to discuss."

"Quite right," I concurred, "But you're forgetting something. We are not so Adult as to feel the need to retire before 10 in the PM. Which is to say, we are neither Young or Old anymore."

"Hmm," Dusty thought to ourselves, "It seems we've created our own 12 hour window."

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