Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I'm Diggin'

I realize that my last few posts have been quite wordy and somewhat heavy. So it is with gladness that I present a couple Things I'm Diggin' so far in 2011:

This is an awesome little book that I read about on You Are My Fav (which is also, probably, something I dig, but have been for quite some time.) I especially love that you can scroll through and read the whole book! Do it! Now!

Something else that I dig is some new music Dusty got while I was in KC. I realize their most recent album came out back in '09 but I've never claimed to be caught up with the times, so forgive me. Online job searching is the bane of my existence but these guys make it *almost* enjoyable!

I really love this blog. It's really helping me branch out in what I make for dinner on any given night. The real challenge is to "healthify" some of those recipes though, while still serving food that is edible!

4-8-15-16-23-42: The summer of 2008 Dusty and I, along with a slew of friends, discovered our love for all things LOST. Since then we've followed the group through their adventures on the Island. My friend Charity, however, was out gallivanting around the world during season 6 and HAS. YET. TO. LEARN. HOW. IT. ENDED! (For better or for worse.) So we're re-watching all six seasons. I truly had forgotten a lot of what happened. It's almost, though not quite, as good as watching it the first time.

So! That's what's in my little life this cold, cold January in 2011. I must say, I've been feeling a little boring lately. I was actually kind of hard to come up with even 4 things, which is sad. Maybe some day soon something noteworthy will happen.

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