Monday, January 31, 2011

It's February, with an "R"

Ah February, the month of love! Month Deux of an already topsy turvy year.

I absolutely love February in that it's full of adorable pinks and reds and hearts and chocolate and flowers.

I absolutely loathe February in that it's a continuation of winter and can bring some pretty wild weather.

It's a give and take really.

Here are some things coming from me, to you this month:

~ An interview with my favorite almost eighteen year old about birthdays and a certain groundhog

~ A review of the Super Bowl, along with my favorite commercials and an update on the atmosphere of my home depending on the outcome of the game

~ A tattooing

~ Our trip to a middle school conference with an all girl entourage

~ Mine and Dusty's experience becoming trained as professional severe weather spotters

~ How I spent my Balumtine'th Day

~ Random thoughts about a song that made me uncomfortable in high school

~ The results of my (questionable) decision to let a hair-stylist-in-training use me to fill her practice highlighting quota

~ An update on my photography class

~ Several birthday tributes

And (maybe) much more!


Hannah40175 said...

I absolutely love February. Good luck with the hair.

Moments in Time said...

Sounds like an interesting month for "From Me to You", I am excited to see your posts.

Ashley B said...

i like this idea very's cute and quirky! i'd like to do this, but i never can tell what i'll want to blog about days from now, so GO YOU!