Monday, January 10, 2011


Unlike all the rest of you suckers I'm starting my diet today. I figured if I started right at the new year I'd give up and count myself a loser like everyone else who has, by now, given up. Instead I gave myself another two-ish weeks of freedom, had an awesome BBQ feast prepared by my brother, and I'm ready to go!

I am not confident enough to tell you all my actual weight goal- that would be T.M.I. my friends. But here are some non-incriminating goals that I am also working towards:

  • I would like to feel a little less self-conscious at the pool this summer. Note that I said a little because anytime I'm in just a bathing suit I will, no matter how much I weigh, feel weird.
  • There's this pair of jeans that I have that I really, really, really like. They haven't fit since high school. But I still have them, for some reason. If those fit, I'd be mighty happy!
  • Sometimes I go into places that teenagers typically shop at because I like the accessories and I feel like everyone is looking at me, wondering why a fatty is in a teeny bopper mall shop. I'd like to not feel out of place at a store like that, even if I'm just there because they're having a sale on purses.
The list could probably go on and on. However I'm afraid the more of my goals I reveal the more you'll be able to really nail down my approximate actual weight.

And that's just not a risk I'm willing to take... yet. :)


Ashley B said...

i'm with you on that 3rd bullet :) i love me some purses and costume jewelry at teeny bopper shops lol

Devon said...

Yeah, just wait until you have a stroller. You definitely get some looks then. ;)

Hannah40175 said...

lol! Devon is so right! I'm love trying to get through the rows of clothes and accessories with a huge stroller, baby grabbing everything, and huge diaper bag! Good luck with your endeavors! We should work out in the hall again.