Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Because

I have absolutely nothing really "worthwhile" to post about.

I mean I could post about the Steelers fantastic win tonight and how they're headed to the Super Bowl, yay!

Or how my cat's breath smells unusually bad which has caused me to suspicion that he had a late night mouse snack.

Or how I'm really thankful to have a cousin-in-law that a.) lives really close and b.) is a super nice guy because c.) he's a mechanic and d.) came to look at my car even though it was 12 degrees outside. He knows things.

Or how about the fact that I've been feeling a total meltdown come on for quite some time about an issue-I'd-rather-not-discuss-with-you and how that meltdown came in the shower but only lasted for a few minutes but I was crying and got soap in my eye.

And how it still hurts.

Oh, I can also brag about my bowling scores from Saturday: 48-46-54. It's like golf, right? The lowest score wins? (Or should I just play those numbers in the lottery sometime?)

How about my complete and utter befuddlement over the psyche of a middle school girl. Not any specific middle school girl. Just all of them, the entire millions that are out there. I used to be that, but was I really?

But like I said, nothing really "worthwhile."

I think.

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Ashley B said...

i actually like this one...i like random things lol