Saturday, January 1, 2011

Opening the Vault

I'm not really sure why she's doing it.

Maybe she feels the need to de-clutter her closets.
Perhaps she gets melancholy when looking at old pictures.

Whatever her reasoning, my grandma recently gave me a sackful of old photos from when I was a kid. And I love looking at these old photos. There's so much history behind each shot-- back when us kids were young and my dad had a rockin' mustache. Here are some of my favorites:

This is a shot of my momma and Baby Me. I love the look of new motherhood all about her. So sweet.

And who couldn't love this little bundle of joy?! I was a cute baby!

This is a picture of me and my dad that I've never seen before today. Dig the 'stache?

This is my all-time favorite picture of me from my childhood. It just speaks volumes...

This picture is my mother's all-time favorite shot of her two kiddos. In her words, she took it because she felt is just gave such an accurate portrayal of an ordinary day in the Hamlin household. I don't know what I'm wearing on my head, but apparently it was crucial for being able to eat my Spaghetti-o's!

And finally, perhaps one of the dorkiest pictures of me, ever. I'm rockin' the bangs and my Reebok Classics.


Andrea said...

I'm dying! These pics are so cute...and you know what I'm about to say right?......when are you two going to make some cute kids of your own? ;)

Emily said...

A- When I was writing this post I thought to myself, "If anyone will comment on this one it'll be Andrea!" We're on a five year plan! It was a three year but it keeps getting extended. :)