Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I love the Read It Later app on my iPad.

For reals.

Here are the links that I'm currently intending to Read Later.

An NPR story on the achievement gap in early childhood. Very interesting.

A New York Times article about a doctor's collection of items his patients had swallowed throughout his medical career. Fascinating!

An interesting "think piece" about whether or not it's okay for "Christian" art to be offensive.

A review of a book I must needs read this year.

This guy took a trip to Haiti one year later and beautifully photographed his time there, all from his iPhone 4. (Take that Android!)

I need to go listen to the previews of this album, but anything tributing the genius of Shel Silverstein is worth purchasing, in my humble opinion. Added bonus, Andrew Bird is a contributing artist.

This article only caught my eye because Jack White is collaborating with her and anything Jack White does is a-okay with me. While Dusty will vehemently disagree with this statement, The Jack White Factor is the only thing that kept It Might Get Loud afloat for me. The rest was a SnoozeFest. (Sorry to all my way cooler friends who totally dug that documentary. Maybe I was having an off day?)

See any articles here that peak your curiosity? Read anything good lately that I need to add to the list?

**Update: I did indeed go listen to the Shel Silverstein tribute album and promptly purchased it. Get it on before the end of January for $5!**

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Garrett said...

SNOOZEFEST!?!?!?! I thought It might get loud was great. But then again i am one of your cooler friends ;)